Greetings From Florence

Friends and family near and far: Saluti di Firenze! Greetings from Florence! 

If you’ve found this blog, it’s likely that you have some sort of connection to the Avanti Italia program. Maybe you served with Avanti Italia in the past. Maybe you support one of our teachers currently serving. We hope and pray some of you are considering joining this work in Italy. No matter why you are here, we are thankful for you!

In September of 2019, Avanti Italia launched a new website! We encourage you to browse the website if you are interested in learning more about Avanti Italia, our history, how to serve with us, or how to support us. 

For those who would like to know more about what we do, you’re already in the right place! Of course, when you boil it down, we are seeking to love God and love our neighbors, though what that looks like varies. Our goal for this blog is for it to be a place where you can catch a small glimpse of how the Lord is working here in Italy - in big and small ways. 

Here, you will have the opportunity to step into our daily schedules and into the cycle of the Florence Bible School, where most of us live and work. You’ll get to know each of us better and find out how we are using our passions and talents to make connections with our community. 

If you have any questions about our work or lives in Italy that you would like to see answered here on the blog, please reach out and let us know! 

May the Lord bless and keep each of you,

The Avanti Italia Team