How to SERVE with us

Those who are interested in serving with us must meet a few basic requirements, complete an application and interview process, and successfully attend and complete pre-field orientation.

Basic Requirements

  • First and foremost, you must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ seeking to live a life based on the Biblical model of holiness and service.
  • You must be passionate about loving others and sharing your life and faith with them.
  • You must have completed a college-level degree or be at least 26 years old with previous job experience.
  • You should be comfortable teaching the Bible and the English language in both group and one-on-one settings. (You will receive training in these areas.)
  • You should be willing and committed to learning the Italian language and about Italian culture.
  • You should be willing and able to commit a minimum of two years of intentional life and service in Italy.
  • Self-motivated, humble learners who are willing to ride out the ups and downs of cross-cultural life and service are highly encouraged to apply.


There is a three part application required of each potential Avanti Italia participant. If applying as a family or married couple, each adult should complete a separate application.

  1. A basic application, including the submission of resume and letters of reference.
  2. An essay, in which applicants are given the opportunity to share their spiritual journey and heart for the mission of the Kingdom.
  3. A self assessment in the form of short answer questions.


After completing the application, those who are thought to be a potentially good fit will be asked to participate in an interview process with representatives of the Avanti Italia committee in Searcy, Arkansas.


Applicants who proceed beyond the interview stage will be asked to attend an orientation in Searcy, Arkansas. Prior to the orientation, participants will be asked to complete reading assignments and written assignments. During orientation, participants will attend various lectures and workshops created to prepare them for overseas life and service in Italy, connect them together as a unit, equip them with resources for teaching both the Bible and the English language, and grow in their knowledge of Christ. Attendance, as well as successful completion of assignments prior to and during orientation is a requirement for full acceptance to the program. Ideally, participation in an orientation takes place 3-6 months prior to departure for Italy. Applicants may on occasion be asked to participate in additional, extended orientation sessions over several months to ensure full preparation.

If you believe you meet the above requirements and would like to pursue more information about joining us in Italy, we encourage you to reach out to our recruiters here.