Who we are

Avanti Italia is composed of a team of followers of Christ who have committed to a minimum of 2 years of living in Italy. We are a mix of singles, married couples, and families who are seeking to share the gospel and model Christian life and discipleship with those we encounter. Additionally, we have the support of a committee based at the College church of Christ in Searcy, Arkansas which prays for, oversees, and advises the work in Italy.

Currently Serving In Italy

Directors, Zachary and Aleece Kelley. Caleb Russell, Jessica Stano, Scott and Rebecca Shanahan, Adelena Kelley and Violet Shanahan.

Zachary, Aleece, and Adelena Kelley, Directors

Caleb Russell

Jessica Stano

Zachary Bissell

Alan, Rachel, David, Sunny, and Adelaide Kirby

Scott, Rebecca, and Violet Shanahan